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If you have never leased a vehicle before, you might be surprised to learn just how many benefits are associated with leasing over financing. Though you give up ownership of the car, you gain flexibility, ease, and often lower monthly payments.

Leasing a Ford vehicle can be a wise decision – these versatile cars, trucks, and SUVs offer the perfect solution for your driving needs, whether that’s the unmatched power of the Ford F-150, the family-friendly confines of the Ford Explorer, or the rugged off-road capability of the Ford Bronco Sport. The latest Ford models come packed with modern technology, smart driver assistance features, comfortable seats, and spacious cabins – all at affordable price points. When you lease a new Ford with us at Hunter Ford, you can get all of these benefits and the advantages of leasing

Benefits of Leasing vs. Buying

Leasing a vehicle is an excellent option for people who want to drive a vehicle for a certain amount of time without owning it. Leasing a car makes more sense for people who don’t want the hassle of long-term ownership and prefer a more flexible form of transportation. Here are some of the numerous benefits of leasing a vehicle instead of buying:

  • Lower Monthly Payments: One of the biggest benefits of leasing a vehicle instead of buying is that it can help you save money in the long run. With a lease, you will be paying less every month than you would if you bought the car outright. This is because you are only paying for the depreciation of the car during the time that you own it. Therefore, your monthly payments will be significantly less than if you were buying the vehicle.
  • Lower Upfront Costs: When buying a car, you are required to make a down payment. This can be anywhere from 10% to 20% of the car’s total cost. When leasing a vehicle, the upfront costs are significantly lower. In fact, some leasing agreements don’t require a down payment at all. This can be a great benefit for people who don’t have a lot of money to put down upfront.
  • No Hassle of Reselling the Vehicle: When you lease a vehicle, you don’t have to worry about selling it when you are ready to move on to your next car. Instead, you simply return the vehicle to the dealer when the leasing period is over. This can save you a lot of time and hassle because you don’t have to go through the process of selling the vehicle.
  • A New Car Every Few Years: When leasing a vehicle, you will be able to switch to a new car every few years. This is a great benefit for people who like to have the latest and greatest cars and don’t want to be stuck driving the same car for years on end. Since leases are usually for two or three years, you will be able to switch to a new car much more frequently than if you were buying.
  • Lower Repair Costs: One of the biggest benefits of leasing a vehicle is that you won’t have to worry about repair costs. Since the car is under warranty for the entire time that you are leasing it, any necessary repairs will be covered by the dealer. This can save you a lot of money in the long run because you won’t have to pay for any repairs out of pocket.
  • Lower Sales Tax: When you lease a vehicle, you only pay sales tax on the amount that you are leasing the car for. This can save you a lot of money in sales tax because you won’t be paying taxes on the entire cost of the car. This can be a great benefit for people who live in areas where the sales tax is high.
  • No Trade-in Hassle: When buying a car, you are required to trade in your old car if you have one. This can be a hassle because you have to find a buyer for your old car or deal with the dealership. When you lease a vehicle, you don’t have to worry about any trade-in hassle because you simply return the car to the dealer when the leasing period is over.

Leasing vs. Financing at Hunter Ford

One of the biggest benefits of leasing over financing is the monthly payments. Instead of making monthly payments on a loan balance as you would with financing, leasing payments go towards the use of the car over the course of your lease agreement. Because you won’t own the car and will trade it in sooner than if you are financed, the monthly payments for a lease are usually lower than financing payments.

Leases are generally only a few years long at most, while some people who finance vehicles end up keeping them for a decade or more, missing out on all of the exciting changes that happen in the automotive industry all the while. When you lease, you’ll get to stay on top of the most cutting-edge updates and trends because you’ll trade in after just a few years.

Trading in a lease is also easier than trading in a financed car. You won’t have to worry about the depreciation value or how much is owed on the financing loan – we take the depreciation into account with your monthly payments and the lease contract will be paid entirely at its end, so you can simply bring the car back and pick out what you’ll lease next.

Lease From Us at Hunter Ford

If you think leasing a Ford vehicle might be the right path for you, we encourage you to talk to one of our leasing experts at Hunter Ford today. You can ask any questions you may have about leasing, get more information on our current Ford lease deals, and schedule a test drive in your favorite Ford model when you contact us at Hunter Ford. We look forward to helping you start a new lease with us soon here in Marion, IN!

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