Signs Your Car Battery Needs Checking

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Signs Your Car Battery Needs Checking

Drivers don’t typically think much about the condition of their car battery until it dies. It’s under the hood and out of sight, but when it gives out, it demands immediate attention. Nobody enjoys being surprised by a bad car battery, as your plans suddenly have to change until your car is up and running again. While a battery’s deterioration can be gradual, it might give you some indicators that it’s going bad. Keep a lookout for these car battery warning signs and don’t delay if you ever detect any trouble with your vehicle’s power source.

The Lights Go Out

Whenever you hop into your car, look up to make sure the cabin light has turned on to greet you. This function is usually automatic, and unless you’ve turned off this setting – or a fuse has gone out – the dome light should shine every time you open your driver-side door. If the light doesn’t glow, that could be a sign that your battery isn’t providing the power it needs to shine. You might also see that your vehicle’s headlights aren’t illuminating the road ahead as well as they should. If those headlights seem dim, or if they flicker or fail, it could mean that they aren’t getting the energy they need from your battery.

Engine Trouble

You have the opportunity to check your battery’s health every time you start your car. If you ever try to crank the engine only to find that it struggles to get going, that could be a sign that your car battery is on its way out. It could also be a sign that your batter is as good as gone if the engine cranks, but then dies promptly after idling for just a few seconds. Of course, your engine might not crank at all, and you may also hear a clicking noise when you turn the ignition key.

Visible Signs

One of the most obvious signs that your battery needs attention is the battery warning light on your dashboard. If you see this icon – usually a rectangle with plus and minus signs inside – illuminate on your dash, don’t ignore it. If you ever look under the hood, visually inspect the battery box for signs of cracks, bulges, corrosion, or leaks.

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Hunter Ford

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